About the Company

Navitas Group, LLC is a business that offers benefits plans and consulting for estate and business planning. For more information about the firm, read the story of our founder, Jamie Wagenbach.

Meet the Founder

Jaime Wagenbach
Jamie Wagenbach founded Navitas Group, LLC in 2006 with the mission to educate clients on the design, implementation, and communication of benefits packages for their businesses. Before starting his own firm, Jamie worked at the other end of the industry with a national insurance carrier. 
Being a worker has opened his eyes to how benefits should and could best meet the needs of both employers and employees. He realized that the things that the carrier didn’t promote the most were the most beneficial to businesses of all sizes. Jamie is most motivated by the opportunity to show employer groups like yours that a quality benefits package is more than a zero-sum game.

Upon meeting with you and understanding your firm’s needs, Jamie can help you develop a benefits plan that allows you and your employees to form a true partnership. Once the plan is in place, he will meet with your employees to educate them on their benefit options and how to use those benefits. For more information about Jamie, contact Navitas Group, LLC today.